Good science is the Nutrition 21 hallmark that distinguishes the Company as an innovator and a leader in the nutritional supplement industry

Leveraging its biotechnology heritage, Nutrition 21 is pioneering an effort to use patented technology, pharmaceutical research and strategic marketing and distribution partnerships to build its position in therapeutic markets. The Company is targeting specific disease states and age related health care concerns through its patented and proprietary ingredients. The disease states and therapeutic areas include obesity/pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular health, arthritis, mood disorders, cognitive function, digestive health, and immune system health.

Nutrition 21 relies on well designed preclinical and clinical trials as key elements of its discovery, product development, and marketing strategies. The Companys objective is to translate its scientific findings into trusted brands recognized for their measurable contribution to improving health and reducing cost of care. The Company earns the trust of consumers with endorsements from healthcare professionals and by getting our products adopted as a standard therapy recommended by doctors and health care professionals.

Different from most biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies, the Company is primarily focused on developing products that are marketed under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) regulatory pathway. The Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) regulations for the supplement category enable companies to bring products to market in less time and with less cost than is required for FDA drug approval. Different from most nutritional supplement companies, clinical substantiation is a requirement for our product development program.

Armed with clinical evidence that promises to reveal remarkable, clinically measurable effects of its products in therapeutic approaches to epidemic diseases, Nutrition 21 enjoys the following unique competitive advantages:

An established base business that supports a robust clinical research and business development effort;

An expertise in identifying and patenting nutrition therapies addressing overlapping health markets that affect as many as 75 percent of US adults;

A history of successfully patenting its innovations and enforcing its patents;

Research alliances with leading universities, research institutes and scientists;

A proven track record in leveraging clinical outcomes to build consumer and trade awareness for its nutrition products through public relations;

Close working relationships with many of the major nutritional product marketers and manufacturers, and finished product retailers in the US;

A robust product development pipeline

Nutrition 21 is fully committed to the responsible marketing of dietary supplements. The company not only uses pharmaceutical research standards to establish the safety and efficacy of the products it markets, but also maintains that commitment through a rigorous manufacturing and quality assurance programs.