Exclusive importer/distributors of CHLORENERGY(R), a dietary chlorella supplement. A strain-specific chlorella, CHLORENERGY(R) is the powerful green algae supplement supported by more than 500 scientifically-proven research/studies conducted almost 50 years since 1964. CHLORENERGY(R) offers a concept of taking deep green vegetable elements by way of condensed tablets. CHLORENERGY(R) boasts the highest digestibility of all commercially available chlorella. CHLORENEREGY(R) is carried by thousands of natural products stores nationwide. Is is also carried by 500 Vitamin Shoppe chain stores as well as selected Whole Foods Markets. Needless to say, CHLORENERGY(R) is the first choice chlorella among integrative/alternative/preventive doctors at their natural remedy clinics. Go for CHLORENERGY(R)!

The product is available in Europe and Asian Countries. In the U.S., you can get it from Threshold, UNFI-West, Select Nutrition(Div. of UNFI),and if you don't have accounts with them, just call us direct at 1-888-700-0801. ASK US FOR THE FREE SAMPLE PACKETS IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED THIS WORLD'S BEST CHLORELLA YET.