Nutraceutix supplies premium probiotic organisms as well as superior finished supplements in bulk or bottled form to quality conscious brands, retailers and contract manufacturers.

Nutraceutix specializes in custom crafting dietary supplements with advanced delivery technologies for a variety of active ingredients that benefit from gastric acid bypass, stomach buffering, controlled release, and simplified once-daily dosing.

Nutraceutix leverages 30 years of probiotic and supplement manufacturing expertise, and a variety of novel, distinctive process and technology patents to produce the finest in high viability probiotics and nutraceuticals for customers.

Savvy consumers seek probiotic products that exhibit the hallmarks of quality, viability and effective delivery that Nutraceutix utilizes for quality conscious brands, including LiveBac®, BIO-tract®, Viablend®, ProbioSphere®, Immunobiotix® and PrimeBiotix®. Find out more about how these distinctive processes and technologies can help your products stand out.

Nutraceutix manufactures probiotics and supplements in NSF certified, GMP contract manufacturing facilities.