Multi-Facility Capabilities

Our contract manufacturing capabilities – which include liquid and dry processing – allow us to meet virtually any requirement for liquid and dry food products production.

Our customers feel secure knowing that our plants are always audit-ready, that we meet tough certification requisites, and that our goal lies in manufacturing their products with strict quality and confidentiality controls. They know that, with Create-A-Pack, their contract manufacturer not only has the know-how, but also the technology to manufacture the best solutions.

Liquid Food Contract Manufacturing

Create-A-Pack’s liquid contract manufacturing and food processing capabilities deliver flexible private label liquid condiments including sauces, dressings, icings, syrups, confections, juices, energy gels, supplements, as well as nutraceuticals. The packaging of any liquid condiment is designed and executed to meet specific customer requirements in the form of form, fill seal, die cut & spouted standup pouches, cups, glass or plastic bottles, jars, pails, drums, and totes.

Dry Food Contract Manufacturing

Create-A-Pack’s ability to custom fit a private label dry food solution stems from the wide-range of dry food processing and packaging options. We produce a vast array of custom designed private label dry foods including infant cereals & snacks, dry snacks, dry mixes, spice blends, dry beverages, confections, supplements and nutraceuticals. Your dry food products are packaged in pouches, stand up bags, canisters, glass or plastic bottles, zipper bags or cartons, industrial food sites.