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Zhejiang Zhongda Newland Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of agricultural products in China , specializing in vegetable planting, processing and exporting. The main products include Frozen and Fresh Vegetables and Fruits, Frozen Prepared Foods, Dehydrated Vegetables, Tea, Canned Vegetables and Fruits etc. Our company has established a worldwide network of sales and our products are exporting to Europe , United States , Canada , Japan , Middle East and Africa . We are now one of the leading exporting companies of vegetable and fruits in China . In 2004, National Agricultural Department and National Financial Department honored Newland to be the “Leader of China s Agricultural Firm”.
After years of effort, our company now owns a stable chain of plantation fields and processing factories across China . All of our factories are certified by ISO9001 and HACCP. They are equipped with advanced monitory and analysis equipments and managed with effective production systems.
Our products are monitored from field to harvest, production to operation. We are doing everything to make sure our products are safe, healthy and delicious.