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In an increasingly competitive market it can be difficult to sort truth from hype. Lorand Labs understands that making the best Aloe products is a decision, not a desire. We grow the worlds best Aloe vera, in the most fertile soil, under the ideal climate, farmed organically by hand. Then, we use our proprietary processing technique to protect and preserve what nature has provided using the most experienced, skilled hands, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), all overseen by our own world renowned Aloe expert, Dr. Santiago Rodriguez.

Lorand Labs is writing the next chapter in Aloe veras long history. No other company can produce a product even close to BiAloe®, the perfection of Aloe vera processing. A technological breakthrough in Aloe vera processing, BiAloe® has a bio-active profile nearly identical to that of natural Aloe vera inner leaf gel. There is absolutely no other Aloe vera product on the market that can match BiAloe®'s polysaccharide and Acemannan content. Additionally, BiAloe® is water soluble, with no bitter taste, and is virtually Aloin free with no laxative effects, making it perfect for a multitude of product applications including:

●Skin Care

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