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Soy Inspirations candles are poured in New Hampton, Iowa by people who believe in providing quality products to the American consumer. We believe in keeping the environment clean for future generations to enjoy by recycling and providing products that are environmentally friendly.Natural, clean and made from a renewable resource. Its a perfect candle for a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Soy Inspirations candles are made from natural soy wax so nothing gets in the way. Youll experience an uninhibited and beautifully balanced fragrance so pure your senses will think theyre experiencing the real thing. Relax. Enjoy. Its wonderfully worth it.Take fragrance filled garden walks through your living room. Walk down the steps to your own sunny orchard farms. Fill your kitchen with the culinary smells of indulging treats. Or just cuddle up for an afternoon nap and dream your favorite daydreams. All Soy Inspirations candles are masterfully blended to give you the ultimate sensory experience. From vibrant colors and scents to an all-cotton, lead-free wick, we make sure nothing gets between you and your Soy Inspirations.NEWS