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My healing journey began as a child in India, watching my mother choose specific Ayurvedic remedies for our family. When my younger brother developed asthma, he was placed on a strict Ayurvedic diet. I learned much from our daily visits to the vaidya (Ayurvedic physician), who explained the nature of the treatments. Many years later in Canada, this ancient system of healing would help me reclaim my own health and state of well-being.

I arrived in Calgary, Canada in 1988 with my young family to start a business. With accounting degrees and business experiences, my husband and I opened an Indian restaurant. After successfully operating the restaurant for five years, we opened the Del-Hi Darbar restaurant in Vancouver. During the six years of operation, Del-Hi Darbar was very popular and won many awards and "Best-of" reviews.

Success came at a price. After many years of juggling 14 -16 hour days in the restaurants, running a home and parenting two sons, I was diagnosed with arthritis. Visits to a number of mainstream medical doctors left me dissatisfied, and I was led to seek alternative healing methods. I found the more involved I became with my health, I was more in tuned with my body and more sensitive to its needs.

I began to read books about Ayurveda and altered my lifestyle to suit my doshas, the three primary life forces in the Ayurveda system. I was surprised to discover that I already possessed the essence of Ayurveda within myself. This not only helped to heal my illness but convinced me to contribute towards the movement of Ayurveda in North America.