Full line of organic and natural teas: black, green, white, herbal and flavored in teabags, loose and bulk. Teas bought and blended in England by our Master Tea Buyers, then shipped to the U.S. for packaging for maximum freshness.

H&C has the most complete and innovative line of tea products that are based on British standards- the proper amount of tea in a teabag, the use of only natural or organic flavouings, clearly and honestly stating leaf size or grade on all packages. We carry a complete line of 3.13 gram large English style tea bags which brew a large size mug or pot for two standard cups of tea.

H&C teas are available in the following forms:

●Organic and non-organic

●Pyramid nylon bags, tagged teabags in stay fresh wraps, English style tagless bags, loose leaf in cartons and bulk

● Black, green, white teas flavored and unflavored, herbals and decaffeinated teas using the natural CO2 method

● Single Estate & blends