State of the Art Facility
Rocky Mountain Products new 50,000 square foot USDA manufacturing facility is now complete. Since 1992, the company expanded its equipment and production lines from one product to now include over 100 items which are sold to large and small clients nationwide.
Award Winning Quality
Rocky Mountain Products produces and sells its own and private label sauces, seasonings, marinades, and breadings to large grocery chain delicatessen and meat departments, warehouse stores, restaurants and various other outlets. In 2009 production began on fully-cooked, smoked proteins such as tri-tip, beef ribs and chicken hind-quarters. Smoked, packaged and flashed frozen on site to insure freshness and intensity of flavor in every package.

We partner with our clients, sharing ways to increase sales, reduce shrink, and control costs to maximize profitability, delivering a premium product to customers. Each recipe is carefully crafted from years of experience using only the finest ingredients for superior flavor. Hundreds of national food industry Awards of Excellence and Certificates of Achievement are evidence of the quality and the consistency of Rocky Mountain Products.
Rocky Mountain Products new plant includes a cooking school, a retail outlet; research and development; and a test kitchen. Also moving us to the cutting edge of our industry will be the ability to create, freeze and ship fully cooked proteins to further expand our lineup and our continued tradition of quality, taste and value. Creating flavor profiles for center-of-the-plate requirements, and providing various finishing sauces to customers, makes Rocky Mountain Products the only plant in Oregon to have that capability.

This diversity has allowed Rocky Mountain Products to evolve into an entity that has a competitive advantage and has become a nationally known company with great lines of products.