Founded in 2002, Inner Mongolia Pure Fresh Farm Organic Food Co., Ltd has gradually come to a private group company which governs four companies: Tongliao Pure Fresh Farm Agricultural products Co., Ltd,Inner Mongolia Kulun Banner Pure Fresh Farm Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd,Inner Mongolia Kezuozhong Banner Pure Fresh Farm Agricultural Development Co., Ltd and Dalian Branch. The company specializes in both organic and conventional agricultural products planting, processing and trading. The company is both the member of China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products (CFNA) and China Chamber of Organic Food. It is the first company which starts organic products exporting in Inner Mongolia. During the past years, the company has been honored as a nation-wide trade quality benefit type advanced enterprise by the central government and the good faith company by the Inner Mongolia Consumers Association. Furthermore the company is on the list of important supported company of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation. Besides, the company is also one of the state level leading companies to support the poor because it helped many poor farmers to increase their income and better their living conditions. The group company had also been certified by ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, ISO 14001, State Food QS Admittance Authentication and got the admittance-FDA exporting to USA. The total asset of the company is 31, 280,000.00RMB. There are four advanced processing lines of sunflower seeds, rice, oil, beans and cereals with capability of 50,000 tons annually. The products has been exported to Europe, South East Asia, America,amount to 16 countries around the world . The domestic market is based in Tongliao and has expended all over China. The brand “Pure Fresh Farm” has gained high reputation both here and abroad. The organic certified products are amount to 15 and the certified farm around 35,000 hectares. The company got three organic certificates,BCS, NOP and ECOCERT this year. During the past years, based on the faith of “Both benefit the farmers and the customers”, the Pure Fresh Farm Man consist its plant orientation and industrial management. They have helped set up several associations such as Sunflower Association, Buckwheat Association, Dried Chili Association and Vegetable Association in local area. They also set up a new mode of management that is leading by the company who is devoted to expanding the market; tying by those associations and unit the farmers as plant bases. Grounded upon the beautiful grassland,based on the fertile natural sources, the company is enabled to produce high quality, healthy, safe and environmental friendly products. We would like to cooperate with all partners and friends to build our brand new and prosperous future!