Since 1984, Suzanne's Specialties has been producing an ever-growing line of all natural, vegan, & organic sweeteners, desserts, and toppings. Our Rice Nectar brown rice syrup is available in a variety of delicious fruited and naturally-flavored blends, including Just-Like-Honey, a vegan alternative to honey. Suzanne's Ricemellow Creme is the first (and only) all natural, vegan marshmallow creme. We offer a full line of traditional sweeteners including Organic Wildflower Honey and Organic Agave Syrup. Suzanne's offers delicious organic & vegan alternatives to refined sweeteners and sugary desserts. Our unique products are made with only the finest all natural ingredients Suzanne's Specialties, Inc. is a producer and packer of naturally-sweetened grain-based products. We continue to grow as a company dedicated to suiting the needs of individuals and companies looking for great-tasting alternatives to refined sweeteners. Our products are available in both retail and industrial quantities, with packaging that meets our customers' requirements. Most products available in retail sizes, pails, totes, and tankloads.