Evolve Company

1780 W. 500 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-3505
United States of America



Were a family owned and operated dairy company based in New York who have been in the milk business for over 90 years. Evolve Kefir is the latest addition to the Elmhurst Dairy and Mountainside Farms family of products.

In 2006 the Schwartz family introduced a whole new catetgory of milk called UltraPure which is being marketed under its Mountainside Farms brand. This product line utilizes an advanced filtration and clarification technology in addition to pasteurization to improve the purity of its milk. This line has been tremendously successful and can be found in nearly every grocery chain in the New York Metropolitan area.

Evolve kefir was developed out of a similar mission of improving upon an existing product line that has been around for centuries. Evolve has captured all the health benefits of a tradtional Kefir (help promote digestive health and enhance the immune system) plus:

has further enhanced its nutritional benefit by enriching it with Fiber, Protein, and Calcium. One cup of Evolve kefir is considered an “Excellent Source” of each of these three important nutrients.

has refined a formula that is smoother and more fluid than a traditional kefir with a softened tanginess. The Evolve team has spent years developing its formula to be more “yogurt smoothie like” and thus appeal to the entire family. “Unless the product taste great it will not become part of the American diet on a regular basis”, says Cyrus Schwartz, President of Evolve. In order to maximize the benefits of any probiotic product it needs to be consumed on a regular basis one cup a day for two weeks.