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sponsored is seamlessly connected to one of the largest kosher supermarkets in the United States. With over 20,000 items on our shelves and more being added every year, is a one-stop kosher supplier.

We service wholesale accounts as well, which gives us the buying power needed to keep prices competitive.

You will find over 5000 products on our site and we are adding more every day.

We strive to offer the best quality products throughout each of our many departments. From the deli chef to the produce manager, we are here to help you and will go out of our way to keep you coming back.

We kasher fresh meat on the premises, a practice which is hard to find in most kosher supermarkets today. This ensures the finest cuts and the freshest product, delivered right to your front door.

We are continuously on the search for new and exciting kosher products requested by you our customers, and are always adding new areas brimming with useful and important information regarding kosher food and food in general, along with kosher recipes, tips, and news.

Kosher or as it is also known, kashrut, kashruth or kashrus is a way of dealing with food from cultivation, manufacturing and preparing, all the way to serving and eating.

The laws of kosher are taken from the Torah and over years have been pulled together by rabbinical sages to encompass rules and regulations governing every part of our relationship with food.