Drying - North Star Processing uses modern state of the art controls and equipment. This allows us to make a range of particle sizes and densities with accurate and consistent results.

Our Capabilities include:
• Water removal rate of 2 - 3,000 pounds per hour.
• Fines recycle for powder particle sizing and agglomeration.
• Vibratory fluid bed with triple zone heating and cooling capability.

Wet Processing - TOTAL WET AND DRY SEPARATION - Our wet processing equipment is all automated and fully PLC controlled to ensure the highest quality of production, and process validation. Our Blending Capabilties - Three 1,000 gallon processing vessels with sweep agitators on variable frequency drives. A 300 gallon Breddo Likwifer. A swept surface Contherm pasteurizer. A two stage, 8,000 PSI Head and Homogonizing capabilities. USP water available for rehydration of pharmaceutical products.

Research and Development - With our many years of combined experience, and our state of the art facility, we can offer a wide range of R&D , process development and product improvement.

North Star Processing, LLC can support your company by offering:

• Flexible, specialized capabilities
• Fully confidential Research and Development
• Feasibility runs and process evaluation
• Full range of packaging options
• Complete validation
• Complete process traceability
• Quality control laboratory