Maple Island, Inc

2497 Seventh Ave. E Suite 105
North St. Paul, MN 55109-2907
United States of America

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Maple Island Inc. has a long and diverse history in the food industry. After its birth on a 1930s dairy farm in Stillwater, Minnesota, Maple Island grew into a leading manufacturer and distributor of dairy products throughout the U.S. and the World. The company slogan of that time, ?Maple Island Means Milk? meant just that. Outside of the ?normal? dairy products of the day, Maple Island was a pioneer of many products and processes including developing and operating one of the first patented spray-dryers. A large portion of Maple Islands early success is directly tied to the partnerships forged with private label customers. Together, innovative products were developed and produced at Maple Island facilities. This is a large part of Maple Islands focus today.