Trafa Pharmaceutical Supplies, a company with world-wide presence has 10 year experience in Ingredients business. Our business activities are primarily focused on Imports/Exports, Stocking, Distribution, Manufacturing, Sourcing and Consultancy of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Ingredients, Plant Extracts and Powders, Film Coating Materials, Specialty Chemicals, Compounding Chemicals and Pharmacy Supplies. It is closely affiliated with many quality manufacturers worldwide. Trafa Pharmaceutical Supplies is a Representative, Supplier, Importer, Wholesaler and Distributor of Raw Materials. Our professional staff is highly qualified in respective fields. Our services are excellent in term of quick delivery and post deal services. BULK PHARMACEUTICALS Trafa Pharmaceutical Supplies is a global village of pharmaceuticals bulk materials with wide range of products.

We can provide worlds finest quality bulk materials at competitive price. Our products meet all the standards defined so far including pharmacopoeia and other purification standards. Some of our items are FDA approved and are manufactured in GMP certified factories.PHARMACEUTICAL CONSULTANCY/SERVICES Our highly Qualified Staff can provide you the Consultancy Services in the field of Formulation Development , Optimization, Manufacturing and Quality Control of Pharmaceutical and Natural Products especially in Tableting, Film Coating, Enteric coating and Encapsulation.COMPOUDING CHEMICALSOur main products comply with latest USP, BP, EP, and JP. standards. We are closely tied with hundreds of GMP approved, ISO9001 qualified, and research based companies and institutions around the globe. Our highly professional team along with strong research and development ability keep us ahead in the APIs market. We source more than 5,000 items for Pharmacies, Hospitals and research Institutes.