Enzyme Formulations®, Inc. (EFI) is committed to improving people's quality of life by providing health care professionals with the highest quality enzyme and herbal dietary supplements available anywhere.

EFI ensures this pledge by:
◾Using ingredients from the highest quality and purest sources available.
◾Specifying the strength of our enzymes by their activity in active units, not their weight in milligrams.
◾Employing established quality control and quality assurance procedures.
◾Complying with all Federal, State and local regulatory requirements.
◾Meeting the quality and customer service expectations of our customers.

Formulated by Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr., our supplements are among the most effective on the supplement market.


I have been using the Loomis System for three years now and I am so grateful another doctor nudged me towards learning the Loomis System for myself. I cannot begin to tell you the number of conditions that Dr. Loomis's products can correct by restoring balance to the body. Before I learned his system I tested it out on myself. I found another Loomis doctor in my area, had an evaluation and started with one product. I had been disenchanted with so many other methods of nutrition that I was very skeptical and before I spent my hard earned money I wanted to validate his work by seeing if it could correct problems I was having. They did, and quickly I might add. I started noticing differences within a few days. I never see products work that quickly. After using around four different products over the course of a few months, I was sold and I went to my first seminar. All I can say is that it was eye opening. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, but I was wrong. I heard things I never heard anywhere else. His methods of evaluation and products are top notch and I would highly recommend the Loomis System to anyone looking to improve their health or the health of others. I cannot begin to tell you how much my health has improved since I started using his products.