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American Laboratories is a family-owned business founded nearly 50 years ago based on our knowledge of providing enzymes, proteins and flavors to various industries. Today, American Laboratories is proud to offer an extensive listing of over 400 products to the Human and Pet Nutrition, Food Processing, and other industries in the United States and over 25 countries around the world. Through our high quality products and customer service, American Laboratories has become an industry-recognized supplier for the products we manufacture.

Americans are more frequently viewing their pets as members of their families and therefore spending has increased for products that are keeping their aging pets healthier. Specifically high-quality foods and supplements have had tremendous growth in recent years. The Animal Health and Veterinary Care industries use a wide variety of our products in these types of products. Liver powders and fish proteins are utilized as flavoring agents for food, treats, supplements and medicines. Pancreatin is used in supplements as a digestive aid and also for dogs that suffer from EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). Ameri-Flex®, Chondroitin Sulfate and Papain can all be used in food, treats or supplements that help animals with joint care issues. Our proprietary manufacturing processes using only select raw material from government inspected and approved facilities to assure you are getting the highest-quality products.

Pancreatin is an enzyme secreted by the hog pancreas that American Laboratories isolates in our manufacturing process. Pancreatin contains protease, amylase and lipase for the breakdown of proteins, starches, and fats respectively. Pancreatin ranges from 1X USP (25 USP/mg Protease) to Full Strength (225 USP/mg Protease – 375 USP/mg Protease). Please contact your Sales Representative for additional information.

Pepsin is the active-protein digestive enzyme produced within and extracted from the mucosa layer of the stomach. The primary function of Pepsin is to assist with the breakdown of proteins in the acidic environment of the stomach. Full strength Pepsin can be standardized to lower potencies with alternative diluents depending on customer needs. Please contact your Sales Representative for additional information.

Fungal Enzymes cover all Microbial and Bacterial derived enzymes that are produced through a fermentation process in which the Enzyme is extracted and purified into a Food-grade concentrate form. American Laboratories offers a full range of Fungal Enzymes, covering the complete spectrum of optimum pH and temperature levels, as well as activities that can be formulated to meet your desired finished product formulation claims. Please contact your Sales Representative for additional information, or send us your thoughts on our Custom Enzyme Blend submission form.