Golden Peanut Company, LLC, has been a major sheller and processor of peanuts and peanut products for over 3 decades. Golden's primary product lines include raw shelled and inshell peanuts, peanut flour, various peanut oils, peanut seed, organic peanuts and peanut ingredients. Golden serves peanut growers and operates processing plants in the major peanut growing areas of the United States and Argentina. In recent years we have grown to fulfill more customer needs by taking on a variety of tree nuts and dried fruit. Golden offers various products such as: *Raw Peanuts *Peanut Flour *Roasted Peanut Oil/Peanut Extract *Refined Peanut Oil *Organic Peanut Flour*Organic Peanut Oil *Almonds *Brazil Nuts *Cashews *Hazelnuts *Macadamias *Pecans *Pinenuts *Pistachios *Walnuts *Dried Apricots *Banana Chips *Dried Coconut *Dried Cranberries *Dried Mangos *Dried Papaya

We have what you are looking for! Click for more product details: Raw Shelled or Raw Inshell Peanuts Blanched Peanuts Crude Peanut Oil Peanut Meal Hull and Fiber Products Specialty Products:Peanut FlourAromatic Roasted Peanut OilPeanut ExtractRefined Peanut Oil.