Bio-Botanica® is a successful leader in the manufacture and supply of 500+ quality botanical extracts, including certified organic, servicing the natural products industry for over 40 years. Our professional staff offers expertise in fortifying formulas with the best combinations of natural ingredients and blends. We are known for the development of innovative functional products customized to your specifications. We help enhance the natural value of products in various industries including nutraceutical, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic & personal care.Our 140,000 SF, FDA registered, pharmaceutically licensed, GMP compliant and Kosher inspected/certified facility with state of the art QC/QA lab allow us to offer services including: Blending (wet or dry), Compounding, Extracting, Milling, Spray Drying, Vacuum Distillation & Custom Formulating.Bio-Botanicas ?BioChelated ®? cold extraction process enables us to bring custom and unique products to the market; free of harsh chemicals, toxic solvents and excessive heat, yielding a truly bio-available botanical extract ideal for many applications.