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Founded in 1998, Nature's Power Nutraceuticals Corp. (NP Nutra) is committed to supplying only the finest quality nutraceutical ingredients produced at its partner facilities around the world. Our ongoing commitment to purity, quality and reliability have won the trust of a growing clientele, including many of the world’s leading functional food and beverage, dietary supplement, cosmetic and pet food manufacturers who have become loyal customers through the years.

NP Nutra's Triple-T Verification™ Program launched in September 2017 brings customers trust and peace of mind with pure, traceable ingredients - sustainably sourced from farmers, of the highest quality and purity and processed at certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We work closely with all our manufacturing partners and their growers to verify traceability and ensure sustainable growing and harvesting practices are used.

Our renowned line of wholesale ingredients includes:

• A unique line of Signature Ingredients including AcaiVida®, CocOganic®, BettaBerries Antioxidant Blend, Green Balance Alkalizing Blend®, NutraProtein Power Blend® and SachaOmega®
• Popular superfruits such as Acai, Goji, Pomegranate, Mangosteen and Noni
• High-potency antioxidants
• Weight management ingredients
• Botanical extracts
• Popular herbs and spices including Ashwagandha, Ceylon Cinnamon and Oregano
• A growing line of Certified Organic and Kosher products
• Trending ingredients including Baobab, Cat's Claw, Reishi and Turmeric

With manufacturing partners in US, Brazil, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Thailand and Vietnam, NP Nutra® can supply you with a wide range of the world’s most sought-after raw materials.

In order to offer the best possible products to your customers, you need to find the most potent and pure natural ingredients possible. NP Nutra® offers a growing list of certified organic and Kosher certified ingredients and guarantee the best quality, customer service and value. Buying directly from a dependable and affordable source like NP Nutra® will give you the competitive edge that you need.

NP Nutra® is continually adding exciting new ingredients to their category lines which include Nutra Flow, Nutra Pura, Nutra Organics, Nutra Pet, and Nutra Veda. In addition, our specialty line of Signature Ingredients include favorites such as AcaiVida™, CocOganic™, SachaOmega™, MaquiForza™ and Nutragrass™.

Our Proprietary Blends focus on important nutrients: balancing greens (Green Balance Alkalizing Blend™) antioxidants (BettaBerries Antioxidant Blend™) and exceptional organic plant-based protein (Nutraprotein Power Blend™). NutraBrain Ayurvedic Health Blend and NutraLiver Ayurvedic Health Blend were launched to promote brain and liver health.

Blueberry, Dragonfruit and Strawberry belong to our Nutra Pura line and are produced from premium freeze-dried fruits and vegetables without additives or preservatives.

Acai, Beetroot, Blueberry, Coconut, Mango, and Pineapple belong to our popular Nutra Flow line of water-soluble ingredients for successful drink formulations.

Our continually growing Nutra Organics line includes the popular Ashwagandha, Maca, Nopal, Papaya, Spirulina and Turmeric. Many ingredients are available certified organic or will be certified organic in the near future.

Customers depend on NP Nutra® to supply special, rare-to-find ingredients such as Astragalus, Camu Camu, Chlorella, Garcinia Cambogia, Graviola, Lo Han Guo, Maqui, Sacha Inchi and many others.

Please contact NP Nutra® with your product development needs. We look forward to establishing a successful partnership with you.