Sun Ten Laboratories USA has the goal of giving Chinese medicine practitioners in the US access to the high-quality products produced by our factory in Taiwan. Here in the US we aim to continue the legacy of Sun Ten in Taiwan which emphasizes customer service, education and research. For nearly seven decades, Sun Ten has produced the highest quality herb extracts for more than 20 countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and England. Sun Ten continues to meet the unique specifications mandated by each government, ensuring product safety and quality for herbal products.

Sun Ten Laboratories is located in Irvine, CA with over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and office facilities. Sun Ten has a diverse area of expertise and experience in manufacturing and packaging. Our roots go back to Taiwan in the early 1940's where our founder Dr. Hsu, Hong-yen combined the theory of traditional Chinese herbal medicine with modern manufacturing science and technology. Acting as the director of Taiwan's own FDA, Dr. Hsu had an important role in establishing policies of product safety, quality, and efficacy standards for Taiwan. Sun Ten Laboratories, USA was built to uphold the same standards. This is one reason Sun Ten has been quick to respond to recent cGMP standards here in the US.

Sun Ten has developed and maintained a standard of excellence for nearly 70 years. Once established within the US, Sun Ten expanded their service specialty to include private contract dietary supplement manufacturing. In the US, Sen Ten is a premiere manufacturer and packager of vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, and botanicals. Experience and diversity has led to a specialty in the manufacture of modern blends that include various ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and Chinese herbal extracts.

Sun Ten offers full service manufacturing, packaging, new product development, formula assistance. When you choose Sun Ten Labs as your manufacturing partner, they are your team.

Our Goal
We seek to become the market leader in the natural herbal supplement segment, by producing the most innovative products so as to improve the quality of life for mankind.

Our Mission
Honest and Professional Business Operations
With highest standards of business and personal ethics
Persistence in Innovation and Development
Dedicated to continuous improvement and technical excellence
Concerns for Humanity
Active role in the community to make a difference
Globalization of Health Care
Dedicated to help people enjoy longer and healthier lives