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Medicinal Plants or 'herbs & spices' are core components of "Ethno Medicine" (herbal medicine) which is practiced world wide in diverse disciplines & populations (These practices are predominantly being implemented as herbal kitchen remedies or cultural natural medicinal remedies hitherto). But now in modern epic, medicinal plants are also capturing exclusive importance in prevention, mitigation and curing for long standing ailments for which no satisfactory treatment options are available. World Health Organization (WHO) with this very fact and due respect, has taken strategic steps and decided guidelines for the Assessment of Herbal Medicines (WHO/TRM/91.4) in order to standardize herbal medicine or herbal remedies.

Sterling Botanical (SB) is a dedicated division of Exim eng deals in standardized herbal extracts, supercritical fluid extracts, active ingredients for formulations, plant medicines, essential oils, cosmeceuticals & nutraceuticals as per customized specifications and standardized packing with regulatory specifications.

Sterling Botanical follow WHO guidelines to scrutinize traditional medical treatise like Indian ayurvedic herbs, Chinese herbs, Brazillian herbs and African herbs and or associated poly-herbal-supplements for their long-term use on the basis of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). Ethnomedicinial or natural herbal supplements have two special characteristics which distinguish them from other therapeutic or preventive drugs; the first, they can be used for prolonged tenure and second, they exhibit lesser side and after effects.

Product Range
● Natural Crude Herbs
● Certified Organic Herbs
● Naturally Concentrated Herbs
● Natural Colors
● Natural Micronutrients
● Super Critical Fluid Extracts with Certified Organic Herbs Input
● Pure Extracts
● Health Oils

Product Index (A-Z)
Since active constituents in herbs & spices or other natural products, work in synergistic and complementary way, it is in itself state of art technology of Nature. Active functional bio-components like primary and secondary metabolites (eg alkaloids, glycosides, flavonids, saponins, natural steroids) get built in medicinal plants plants as a result of edaphilic conditions, stress, competition and threat of predators in ecosystem of nature. Therefore there is a significance of procuring herbs from its most suitable biodiversity zone in eco-friendly way from natures harmony. SB retaliate to this fact and isolates various components to develop into products by utilizing tools like in silico assays and Bio assays.

Acacia catechu - Acorus calamus - Adhatoda vasica - Ambrette seed oil Ginger - Artemisia annua linn - Basil leaf oil - Basil - Black pepper oil - Black pepper - Boswellia serrata - Camptotheca acuminata - Cardamom seed oil - Cinnamomum zeylenicum - Cinnamon bark oil - Clove bud oil - Cocus nucifera - Coffee arabica - Colchicum autumnale - Coleus forskohlii
Commiphora mukul - Coriander seed oil - Coriandrum sativum - Cumin seed oil - Cuminum cyminum - Curcuma longa - Elettaria cardamomum - Eugenia caryophyllata - Eugenia jambolana - Fennel seed oil - Foeniculum vulgare - Garcinia cambogia - Ginger oil - Ginger - Gymnema sylvestrae - Hedychium spicatum- Hesperidin - Hibiscus abelmoschus - Lagerstroemia speciosa - Linum usitatissimum - Magnolia officinalis - Momordia charantia - Mucuna pruriens - Myristica fragrans - Nardostachys grandiflora - Neem leaf - Nutmeg oil - Ocimum sanctum - Podophyllum peltatum - Pogostemon cablin - Ricinus communis - Santalum album - Sesamum indicum - Taxus brevifolia - Terminalia arjuna - Tribulus terrestris - Trigonella foeinum - Valeriana wallichii - Zingiber officinalis

Extracts of: Root - Leaves - Bark - Seeds - Heartwood - Gum Resin - Flower - Fruit - Rhizomes

Certified organic products, Herbs, Extracts, Food Ingredients, Product Development & Research, organic fertilizers.

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