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Coptis specializes in the development of performance driven software solutions for cosmetic R&D laboratories.
Based in US and Europe, Coptis provides products and valuable services to increase performance efficiency in the cosmetic R&D.

- Coptis Lab: our major product is an integrated system for formulation development and regulatory affairs.
It enables the cosmetic industry to efficiently manage development projects, reduce time to market and improve the quality and reliability of information.

Thanks to COPTIS LAB, a Business Intelligent Tool (BIT), you can:

Manage your development projects
Formulate securely and access with one click RM and regulatory data
Compare trials and follow up on your tests
Perform regulatory analysis of your formulas
Edit your specifications datasheet and certificates of analysis
Ensure global regulatory compliant development
Customize formula printings

Coptis Lab now features a Packaging module for managing packaging component data and creating Bills of Materials (BOMs).

Coptis Lab is a powerful tool covering every aspect of cosmetic industry R&D.

- Coptis Ingredients: a comprehensive database to support Coptis Lab, developed through partnerships with global suppliers, details more than 14,000 cosmetic raw materials.

- Coptis Docs by M-Files is an Electronic Document Management System designed for cosmetic companies. Combined with Coptis Lab, it offers a powerful solution to complete the Product Information File and to manage its digital and electronic signatures. (FDA 21 CFR Part11).

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