HP Lifescience, offers super premium natural supplements for Metabolic Syndrome including Citrus Bergamot® with double blind, placebo controlled published human clinical studies for blood sugar and cholesterol. LJ100® is the highest quality tongkat ali extract available on the market. LJ100® is clinically proven to inhibit the sexual binding hormone globulin (SHBG) in our bodies to free up more of the naturally produced testosterone in our bodies. Paractin™ is an extract from a botanical with advanced and long lasting relief from pain and inflammation. Paractin™ has been written up for its effect on the symptoms of autoimmune diseases by the Health Sciences institute. Our Mucuna Pruriens has 60% L-dopa, the highest amount we know of on the market today. We receive remarkable feedback on relief from anxiety, cravings and restless sleep.

We were the first to introduce tongkat ali, maqui berry and citrus bergamot based products to the United States in Supplement form. We offer aggressive margins, excellent customer service, demo and marketing support. Thank you for your time and best in health.

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